A Natural Homemade Salve Recipe

A few months ago, I happened upon Root Simple’s homemade salve recipe. Extremely intrigued, and already in possession of homegrown calendula, I gave it a try. The outcome was a heavenly lip balm and salve that has been at my side ever since. The process is definitely more time-consuming than running to your local store and picking up an already made product, but it is actually quite easy and the end product is impressive and oh so pure.

Follow the links below for all of the fun details and instructions:
On Planting Calendula
Harvesting and Drying Calendula
Creating an Oil Infusion
Making the Salve

Notes on my experience:

  • I have been growing my own calendula (which looks very much like marigold, but is in fact not marigold). I like having control over the type of soil the plant was grown in and where the seeds came from. If you want to give the salve a try, but don’t want to invest in fresh plants you can find already dried calendula petals from Mountain Rose Herbs or any type of herbal center.
  • If you would like to scent your product, know that essential oils can be a bit costly. A great alternative is to infuse the oil with dried mint leaves, lavender etc.
  • You will need containers to put your salve in. Before buying them, look around your abode. I unknowingly happened upon a perfect, medium sized jar and lip balm tin to reuse.
  • Otherwise, use your imagination and know the sky is the limit. There are an endless amount of herbs, oils, and other ingredients to use!
  • P.S. the active part of making the balms is quick, less than an hour depending on how much you’re making. Most of the time is spent idly, waiting for your oil to infuse.

 Happy Creating!

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