Modern Foraging

Rewind 15,000 years, all humans are gatherers and hunters and the word ‘Costco’ is gibberish. Until recently, foraging for food was the only way of life. Agriculture and animal domestication disrupted this lifestyle, and along with the industrial revolution, has led to our current eating habits.

Today, we are dominated by grocery stores and packaged foods, a sight our ancestors would not recognize. Despite our seemingly dependence on industrialized agriculture and super market chains; wild foods and foraging are making their existence known.

Walk into any fine-dining restaurant and you will find ingredients such as miner’s lettuce and purslane on the menu. Don’t be fooled. Wild foods are not exclusive to expensive restaurants, the point is that they’re wild and they can be foraged for by anyone.

Whether you reside in the middle of an untouched forest (lucky you) or live in the center of Manhattan, plants are growing wildly and they are edible. Falling Fruit is an interactive map that identifies more than a half-million locations across the globe where fruits and vegetables are free for the taking. The map looks similar to a Google map and is pinned with foraging locations. Click on any pin and a description will pop up that includes what plant is available and additional information on the species.

We are not helpless in this fight against toxic pesticides and GMO’s, the answer is all around us waiting to be picked!

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