nicoleA wild thing resides in all of us.

Waiting to be tapped into, Where the Wild Grows provides the resources to reconnect with this wild thing and establish a closer relationship with the natural world.

Illuminating the intersection of wilderness, sustainability and culture: Where the Wild Grows is a gathering place for ideas, inspiration and engagement.

A broad spectrum of ideas and issues are covered, from the very personal level to the all-encompassing, global level. Where the Wild Grows aims to demonstrate the interconnectedness and fluidity of our experience with the environment.

Lastly, Where the Wild Grows believes in progression through positivity. That means less focusing on the bad and more focusing on the beauty.

About Nicole

Nicole grew up in the Midwest surrounded by a family deeply rooted in the fitness and health industry. Although she was brought up with an understanding of personal health and wellness, she had yet to be introduced to the meaning of environmental health and living in unity with the earth. Upon moving to Northern California at age 20, she felt an inherent connection with her surroundings; the hills, the trees, the water. After a semester at school and partaking in a powerful course demonstrating toxicity in our environment and bodies, her passion for the environment had been awakened. Nicole graduated from Dominican University of California with a degree in Humanities and Cultural Studies, her concentration being Environment and Sustainability, and a minor in Fine Art. Upon graduating, she was conflicted by the wonderful, interconnected knowledge she had obtained and her inability to apply it. Nicole created Where the Wild Grows to share the information and outlook she has gained in hopes of inspiring others to foster their relationship with the natural world and to promote a holistic, sustainable way of life.