The Art of Mayumi Oda

I am ashamed to say, I just recently discovered the artwork of Mayumi Oda. Saddened mostly, that I have spent the first 24 years of my life without her art as a part of it. So if you are already acquainted with Mayumi’s work, bravo, if not, you’re welcome. Not only am I deeply mesmerized by the aesthetic qualities of her prints, but her personal life and interests deeply resonate with me.

Known to many as the ‘Matisse of Japan’, Mayumi Oda handprints serigraphs on traditional Japanese mulberry paper. She has had over 50 solo exhibitions and her work is a part of the permanent collections of the likes of the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. Despite her success as an artist, Mayumi considers herself a deeply spiritual person and an outsider amid the contemporary art scene. She spent many years living in Muir Beach, CA and farming and practicing Zen Buddhism at the Green Gulch Farm. In 2000, Mayumi started Ginger Hill Farm in Hawaii to share her love of organic farming and cooking. If that all isn’t enough, she is an environmental activist, devoting much of her time to anti-nuclear and clean energy campaigns. What an incredible woman, I’m looking forward to reading her book “I Opened the Gate, Laughing: An Inner Journey”.


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